Gifts from the Verein

In addition to acquiring many pieces of furniture and other items of historic importance for the site, the Verein has made substantial financial contributions to Deutschheim in support of these and other projects:

• Publication of Little Germany on the Missouri, 1998

• George Husmann exhibit, 2000

• Living History Demonstrators, 2004 to 2008

• Publication of Longer than a Man’s Lifetime in Missouri, by Gert Goebel, 2013

• Engineering fees for air conditioning the Pommer-Gentner House, 2013

• Publication of What Wondrous Life, the George Husmann exhibit catalog, 2017 

This heating stove was purchased by the Verein for the Pommer Gentner House. Ornamented with neo-classical design elements of the Biedermeier period, it is from Stuttgart, Germany.  Visitors are intrigued by its unique design. The lowest chamber is the fire box, and the upper two chambers are heat exchangers that radiate heat into the room, not out the chimney.